Company Information

Electroninks Incorporated was founded in 2013 as a university spinout from UIUC. We
are a company of materials scientists, formulations specialists, and designers developing inks and products for consumer electronics.

We have novel chemistries and formulation know-how based around the philosophy that pure metallic films are the best way to increase performance, reliability, and overall cost of integration and downstream ownership. Our inks are based on small-molecule chemistries and resulting films can be printed via digital methods and industry-standard
roll-to- roll techniques. Since our formulations are particle-free and have no binders, they can be printed to fine resolutions, annealed at low temperatures, and out-perform nanoparticle technologies.

In addition, due to the particle-free nature of our conductive inks, it is readily absorbed into fabric and fibers to metallize them at the nanoscale. This truly enables stretchable electronics and a new class of intrinsically conductive e-textiles.

Since our founding, Electroninks has been adopted in many consumer electronic devices as well as having our own consumer product, Circuit Scribe. Currently, Electroninks develops high performance solutions for many markets including display, plating, interconnects, wearables, as well as consumer devices.

Electroninks has production facilities in Austin TX, with additional offices in Silicon Valley, Korea, and China. In addition to our successful Kickstarter campaign, in early 2016 we raised a Series A financing led by Bandgap Ventures including strategic funding from Applied Ventures (Applied Materials).

Business Model and Supply Chain

We have a unique culture and philosophy for a materials startup with both “industrial”
B2B and “consumer” B2C businesses under one roof. For our “industrial” business, we provide particle-free conductive inks to our customers either direct or through world-class coating and integration partners. However, we also develop and produce our own product line, Circuit Scribe, selling direct to consumer. We see this as an advantage since our entire team understands the dimensions of being a supplier as well as productization.

Management Team

Electroninks is led by a management team with a proven record of entrepreneurial drive and international business experience. This is built on extensive experience in conductive ink chemistry and formulations, printed electronics, and consumer electronic devices.

Brett Walker, PhD

Cofounder, CEO

Melbs LeMieux, PhD